Getting to know a little about me OR alot…


I have always been into fashion from a young age. I believe my fashion adventure all began way back when my Mum took me shopping as a little girl. I loved getting ready and choosing what I was going to wear myself….you can see things haven’t changed much ay!

In school I actually studied academic subjects all they way through to my GCSE’s, (ha it’s as if I’m surprised!) art was my most creative subject….Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t of changed that for the world and did really well but when I got to the age of picking my A levels it really made me think…what did I really want to do…. This was my chance to be passionate in what I do…..And so the journey begins……..

For myself I took a really big risk… that was I decided I wanted to go to college and study fashion instead of doing A levels…..And boy was it the BEST decision I have EVER made! Collage was the best time of my LIFE! I was doing what I LOVE and on the plus side I was really GOOD at it! The 2 years doing my Fashion Diploma flew by and it got me a scholarship into university studying fashion YAY…Things really can happen when you believe.

University was for 3 WHOLE years of my life and I made some amazing friends. I have to say anyone that has been to uni knows how hard you have to work AND wow that dissatation!!! I need’nt say no more! I became a stylist in Karen Millen Flagship store in London along side my degree, styling and piecing outfits together for wonderful ladies! Its a DREAM right!

But there was a next stop – becoming grown up! Now I have always been mature for my age and felt that going to collage really made myself grow up quicker. But I NOW had a degree and felt it was time to get a full time job! I luckily got work experience on my degree and I can DEFINATELY say TAKE IT to anyone who is pondering!!! It lead me to my career today.

I got work experience along side buyers, merchandisers and garment technologists…. and learnt a lot – what I wanted to do in the fashion world….And then to this day I remain in the fashion Industry as a Garment Technologist – I do get many people asking what I do, so please feel free to ask me any questions.

SO you may be wondering why have I started a blog….? Well where do I start? When one like myself is creative there is no stopping the LOVE for what you really do. I LOVE fashion (OBVS), for those of  you who know me I am a sucker for shopping it is 10000% my guilty pleasure and I am not ashamed of that….EVEN though it costs a FORTUNE!!!!! AHH. It’s worth looking good for though right!?…… I knew you would back me!!  HA Putting alongside that I love photography, why not give this a shot! I am a petite girl and this will specialised in my blog.

I am thinking you have pretty much learnt a little part of my life in a bubble now and this is just the beginning.  Please feel free to contact me and lets share our fashion love together. I really hope you will enjoy all I post and be part of my exciting adventure! Please let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover and I will do my best!


I am now pleased to say I am a Luxuria Lifestyle VIP Ambassador.

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Let’s do this! Speak soon!