My experience at RWPerio Gum specialist

I feel our personal health is really important and that we must make time for it in this busy world! One place we all have to visit is the dentist… Some of you may be ok when visiting the but the some of you on the other hand may be terrified. I find myself in the middle ground.

I was invited to visit Dr Reena Wadia, she is a specialist periodontist. She specialises in gum health and aims to assist every patient to maintain optimal gum health.

The clinic is based in Marlybone, a central location and easy to find. When I arrived I was greeted by the loveliest receptionist with a big smile.

I was visiting Dr Reena Wadia for a health check. This included the following:

A full examination of my gums

Check my dental health

Clean my teeth – safe and naturally; this would naturally make them whiter too!

Advise on tips to keep my teeth healthy.

The cleaning process was like you would have a normal clean but longer and a lot stronger! It even comes in lemon flavour or cherry! How good is that! I went for the cherry flavour as I have such a sweet tooth! They felt so clean and fresh! It’s always such a good feeling when your teeth are cleaned.

A picture was taken of my mouth at the beginning and shown to me after the health check. It was so interesting to actually see my gums and what areas I needed to work on.

I have been told previously that I brush my teeth too hard! Must be a bad habit I have! And I find it just the natural way to brush my teeth – I must try and get out of it!

It was clear to Dr Reena Wadia that this was still the case. She took a picture of my gums which was really helpful and I interesting to actually see what over brushing can do to your gums! Mine are ok but too me a novis on teeth – they did look red so this is what I am to work on.

She also informed me how important it is to floss and clean your tounge ! Yes you heard me right I said tounge.

Dr Reena Wadia recommenced an electric tooth brush would be great for me – one that automatically stops when you brush too hard!

Thank you so much Dr Reena Wadia for all the advice and making my teeth so lovely shiny and clean!

Check Dr Reena Wadia’s clinic here:

Keep that smile shining!



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