Maaji – my new Favourite swimwear

One of my favourite places to be is the beach. The sound of the sea, the salty fresh air and the sand between my feet, there is nothing like it for me.

Any excuse to go to the beach and I am there 100%! So Maaji’s swim wear really made me happy! I was lucky enough to try out some of the new swimwear collection! And of course this had to be done at the beach!

Maaji has a wonderful swimwear range which is made in Columbia. The Majji designs are divided into different themed collections. This is great as it allows one to be specific in what style of swimwear they are looking for.

Within the themes there are lots of different pieces including add ons to really spice up a beach wear look, including over dresses, scarfs, hair pieces, scrunchies, and bags. I love how versatile this make the pieces you buy.

I picked the Wood Rose bikini from the Brunch with champagne theme. I fell in love with it straight away! There was no way I was leaving it behind! I love how simple it is with an elegant clean cut. One of my favourite parts of the bikini is the cross over back! It really is a beautiful feature. The whole concept behind this brand is just amazing! A lot of thought and attention to detail has been put into every single piece – evening down to the branding. I love everything about this! I love finding a brand that takes love and care on every single part of the garment whether it is the inside or out!

The Wood Rose bikini can also be turned inside out and can be worn with a beautiful print on the outside. Therefore the quality standard of this bikini is impeccable! Both sides have been designed and made perfectly and that really means a lot to me when trying out new brands. The fabric of the bikini is a great thickness! It was so and stretchy and really comfy to wear! There are small pads in the bikini top which are a great support, these can also be removed if preferred! I highly recommend the quality of Maaji. It is superb!

I paired my bikini with the ‘Let’s Flamingle ‘ long kimono and matching scarf. I decided to keep the bikini on the plain side whilst wearing it with the printed kimono. I will wear the printed side next time! The concept of the reversible bikini is ingenious. It is like getting 2 bikini’s for the price of 1! And will save on packing room whilst traveling!

I am so impressed and overwhelmed by Maaji and the swimwear, I think the is actually one of the best swimwear sets I have ever owned and I will definitely keep stocking up for my holidays or even just an excuse to go to the beach at the weekends.

Check them out here and see the gorgeous Maaji collections for yourself:

If you believe in mermaids and unicorns… become one with Majji #realmermaids

Let’s all wish for some more sunshine so we can get out our Maaji Swimwear!




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