My Epilium & Skin Facial

Let talk skincare! I do really try and take care of my skin with my daily routines.

I’ve found as I have got older, I have realised more and more about the importance to having healthy skin. I am guessing you have a skin care routine too right?! The basics of my routine is making sure my skin is clean, especially after a long day with make up on! And that was it….until I went to Epilium & Skin, I was about to learn a whole new level of skin care!

I was lucky enough to be invited to Epilium & Skin for a treatment of my choice. So I tried to think of the last time I had a facial and well I couldn’t! Which meant it was a very very long time ago. So I thought let’s get a facial!

I arrived at the salon and was greeted pleasantly with complimentary drinks in reception. The salon was presented wonderfully with fresh flowers and pastel coloured furniture, it’s so on trend!

Once ready my beautician escorted me to my treatment room and we had a consultation. She was so knowledgeable and shared great information about what would be best suited for my skin.

We discussed and agreed that a Hydra Facial would be great for my skin.

The benefits of a hydra facial:

Effective for every skin type

Immediate visual results

It addresses specific skin concerns

The most powerful non-invasive procedure

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The procedure was about 1 hour and included lots of exfoliation, extraction, brightening agents and of course hydration! Your skin is rejuvenated with red and infrared LED lights to further stimulate collagen. Collagen is what helps to keep our skin young! I even got a collagen face mask!

I was advised that such treatments really benefit the skin if they are done just once a month. So I will try and ensure I have a good clean and facial once a month now!

The after facial affects – my skin was so smooth straight after my treatment it was amazing!! I was over whelmed! I learnt that vitamin C is the best thing to put on your skin after a facial to help stimulate as much collagen as possible! This is what the beautician recommended, and the sell it there too:

Day 2 – my skin got a bit dry and rough and I did panic naturally. But then soon I came to realise it was part of the after effects and therefore kept rubbing oil in my skin and it really was worth it! My skin is so much clearer now! Thank you so much Epilium & Skin for working your wonders and I will hope to see you soon for my next treatment!

Take a look at there website by clicking here!

P.s – Fun fact!

After the age of 20 a person produces 1% less of collagen in their skin each year! Ekk Guys!!

Hope you enjoyed!




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