LVL Lashes at Browhaus

I love having a pamper and beauty treatments done, I mean who doesn’t?! Especially at special times of the year; Christmas and the New Year is the perfect time to treat yourself to some extra special love. So you can imagine how excited I was to get LVL Lashes down at Browhaus.

Browhaus is a brow and lash grooming salon.

There are 4 beautiful branches in London which are all unique and differ in interior design. Covent Garden, Mayfair, Kings Road and Great Queen Street.

LVL Lashes stands for Length Volume Lift.

This is a great treatment to make the most of your natural lashes. I have had this done a few years ago, however I was sure the technique may of changed and improved since my last treatment.

My LVL Lash treatment was at the Covent Garden Browhaus branch. A great central location. I was greeted and seated into the pretty and quirky reception. The decor is fabulous, very vibrant, colourful and full of positive vibes.

The walls are covered in a creative colourful tapestry wall paper with big luxury doors! The style of the store is so unique it’s really does make the luxury experience very memorable.

My beautician doing my LVL lashes was called Nosh, she was so friendly and kind. She ask if I would like to relax or talk through the treatment – which I think it great as every prefers different ways to relax.

This is where the treatment took place. I relaxed throughout the treatment and she just explained as she did each step so I had an understanding of what she was doing.

A brief step by step:

1. Clean and clean the lashes

2. Place pads under the bottom eye lashes

Now keeping the eyes closed throughout the treatment

3. Silicone pads are placed on your eyelids – this is what creates the life and curl. The silicone pads come in all different sizes depending on what style of life you would like your lashes to have.

4. The lashes are individually placed ones on the silicone pad

5. The perming treatment is placed on the lashes and sets for 20 mins

6. Next is the tinting – this is placed on the lashes and left for about 5 mins

7. Then the lashes are cleaned and all ready to be revealed! Lashes are to be kept dry for 24 hours.

I was absolutely thrilled with the results! They were so noticeable. My lashes looked amazing!

I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wishes to give there lashes a boost and a little extra treat!

I didn’t need to wear mascara for over a week! I am over the moon with the results and would definitely do back for another treatment.

The treatment costs £55 and is worth every penny!

Here’s a link to the treatment list! I think I may have to have a look and decide what next I will go back for and there are lots of treatments available.

Thank you so much for your wonderful LVL treatment and pamper! I hope to be seeing you again soon!

Love Sophia x


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