My latest Beauty Pamper

I am a big beauty lover. One of my favourite things is to find new beauty products and seeing great results after using them. I use a combination of brands; Estée Lauder, Clinique, Clarins, MAC, Urban Decay, St Tropez, The Body Shop & Garnier covering a mixture of lower and higher price points.

The most recent brand I have come across is Sun Chlorella. I am lucky enough to be testing their Sun Chlorella advanced nourishing cream. Believed to be part of Japan’s best kept beauty secret.

Firstly I wanted to understand the product that I was going to be using. I found out that Chlorella is the single most popular green food supplement taken in Japan – know as one of the healthiest nations on earth, with people expected to remain in good health longer than anywhere else. I’m very much into my healthy lifestyle (as much as I can!) So this sounded right up my street.

It is the world’s first facial moisturiser to use the unique power of the Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). This rich moisturiser combines a blend of natural ingredients in a purified water base to promote skin hydration and assist skin cell renewal.
For those who are wondering what the part Chlorella actually is. Chlorella is a single-celled green algae that grows in fresh water.

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It comes in a beautiful simple classy pearlised white box. The product has a clear twist lid with a green rim edge. The tub holds 45 gsm of cream and I’m sure will last quite a while. Especially as it retails at £59.95 so let’s make it last as long as possible.
I have been using this product twice a day, morning and evening for two weeks now and already seen great results. When I apply it before bed it feels as if I am applying a soothing face mask; really soaking into my skin. My skin is a lot smoother, firmer and slightly tighter! So something wonderful is happening!

The cream has a soft perfumed fragrance. I have very sensitive skin and I’ve had no reactions. I have also been applying this down my neck in dry areas which has really helped to keep moisturised.

I would definitely definitely stick to the phrase; ‘less is more’. You do not need a lot as a small bit goes far! A tip, allow the cream to fully soak into your skin before applying makeup so you get the best finished results. (This applies to all general beauty creams too!)

The cream is very smooth, boardering on a slight gel texture. This really helps the application of the cream on to the skin. The colour of the cream is green, but don’t fret the green colour is not reflected into your skin, this is just due to the Chlorella in the cream.

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I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a firming cream and looking to reducing impurities. Or even just for a skin detox. Remember you definitely always need to allow time to see results.

I am definitely going to continue with this product, the results I have seen in just two weeks is super! So imagine how it can continue in months. Keep an eye out on my instagram for story and post updates! @sophiasellwood.

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For more information on Sun Chlorella go visit there website by clicking here.

Much Love,



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