My Epilium & Skin Facial

Let talk skincare! I do really try and take care of my skin with my daily routines. I've found as I have got older, I have realised more and more about the importance to having healthy skin. I am guessing you have a skin care routine too right?! The basics of my routine is making… Continue reading My Epilium & Skin Facial


My experience at RWPerio Gum specialist

I feel our personal health is really important and that we must make time for it in this busy world! One place we all have to visit is the dentist... Some of you may be ok when visiting the but the some of you on the other hand may be terrified. I find myself in… Continue reading My experience at RWPerio Gum specialist

Traveling to Milan for the New Fiat 500 Collezione Launch with Italian Vogue

I have been lucky enough to travel to Milan with Fiat to the Launch of the New Fiat 500 Collezione with Italian Vogue. Wow wow wow what a trip! Where to start! I arrived at the airport of course very excited and I met up with my fellow companions I was traveling with for Fiat… Continue reading Traveling to Milan for the New Fiat 500 Collezione Launch with Italian Vogue

Bottomless Brunch with the Little Bat

HLittle Bat is a beautiful rustic bar based in the up and coming popular location Islington, in London. Little Bat has won an award for best bar and best new venue. Little Bat wanted to create a place were every would feel welcome and comfortable. And they definitely succeeded! The interior work has been inspired… Continue reading Bottomless Brunch with the Little Bat

An experience of afternoon tea Traveling in Time

Afternoon tea became a social occasion from the 1830’s thanks to the Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford. It evolved as she began to find herself peckish between lunch and dinner. She continued this practice in London and afternoon tea from there has become a fashionable and popular social occurrence. The Chelsea Harbour hotel; a… Continue reading An experience of afternoon tea Traveling in Time

Weekend away at De Vere Beaumont Estate Windsor with Luxuria Lifestyle

Windsor is a beautiful place to visit and best know for Windsor Castle, the royal residence at Windsor in the English country of Berkshire. The royal castle has recently been in the public eye and press a lot and is in high demand due to the royal wedding. I have visited Windsor many times, but thought… Continue reading Weekend away at De Vere Beaumont Estate Windsor with Luxuria Lifestyle