My Epilium & Skin Facial

Let talk skincare! I do really try and take care of my skin with my daily routines. I've found as I have got older, I have realised more and more about the importance to having healthy skin. I am guessing you have a skin care routine too right?! The basics of my routine is making… Continue reading My Epilium & Skin Facial

Duck and Dry Mayfair – (You got to try!)

There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than being pampered right?! I love a pamper and I was kindly invited to visit the Duck & Dry Salon in Mayfair recently. And boy was it a pamper! Duck & Dry are known for great blow drys - the hint is in the name! The stylists have… Continue reading Duck and Dry Mayfair – (You got to try!)

Bella Luce Hotel – The only hotel in the British Isles with it’s own Gin brand and distillery

Bella Luce, a desirable stunning hotel situated in the tranquil country side in Guernsey, the Channel Islands. Bella Luce is honestly one of the top hotels I have ever stayed in and you will understand why when you read this and see the pictures, trust me. Your be making your booking in no time! Let's… Continue reading Bella Luce Hotel – The only hotel in the British Isles with it’s own Gin brand and distillery

My experience at RWPerio Gum specialist

I feel our personal health is really important and that we must make time for it in this busy world! One place we all have to visit is the dentist... Some of you may be ok when visiting the but the some of you on the other hand may be terrified. I find myself in… Continue reading My experience at RWPerio Gum specialist